Conflict with South Korea

North Korea fires rockets from several rocket launchers

North Korea tested the missile last Wednesday.

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North Korea, which has declared itself a nuclear power, appears to be testing missiles again. Within an hour four shots were reportedly fired from several rocket launchers in the direction of the Yellow Sea.

Seoul. According to the South Korean military, North Korea fired rockets from several rocket launchers into the open sea.

So it was not initially clear how far the alleged rockets would fly. Civil servants said the South Korean armed forces were still on standby and were monitoring the situation. Since the beginning of this year, North Korea, which has declared itself a nuclear power, has repeatedly tested missiles carrying nuclear weapons in defiance of UN resolutions.

South Korean news agency Yonhap quoted military officials as saying that North Korea fired four shots from several rocket launchers into the Yellow Sea within an hour. The National Security Council in Seoul held an emergency deputy minister-level meeting. A spokesman for the president’s office spoke of “short-range missiles”, according to South Korean media reports.

The United States and South Korea believe North Korea conducted two missile tests in late February and early March, linking Pyongyang’s mission to the new type of ICBM. North Korea has spoken out about key tests in the development of an Earth observation satellite. Despite a UN ban, the country has been developing multi-range rockets capable of carrying nuclear weapons for years.

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