New on TV: Watch the “RTL Tower Jump” sports event now

New on TV: Watch the “RTL Tower Jump” sports event now
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Today from scratch RTL presents a revival of the famous “RTL tower jumping” sporting event. Also in the new version of the show, celebrities rather elegantly throw themselves into cold water.

RTL High Diving

RTL High diving (Source: RTL)

  • From June 3, 2022, the new version of the live sports event “Das RTL Turmsprung” will kick off at 8:15 PM on RTL. You can also stream the show live on RTL+ or watch the broadcast.
  • Celebrities with brave participants include Jungle King Philip Pavlovic, “Prince Charming” Nicholas Bushman, “The Bachelor” Paul Yankee and Dominic Stockman.

As of today, one of the TV innovations in June is the return of the live sports event “Das RTL Turmsprung”. As in the “TV Total Tower Jumping” event, celebrities compete against each other in both single and simultaneous dives. Viewing the sporting event will also be available on the RTL+ streaming platform as live and on-demand.

Six years after the latest version of the popular sports show “TV total Turmsprung” was shown on free TV, RTL is now bringing the classic Raab back into the evening show. Here, celebrities venture into the cool water in stunning fashion and compete against each other in single and synchronized jumps.

There will of course be some familiar faces among the participants. For example, two former “bachelors” and “Prince Charming” dare to make bold leaps. The event will be moderated by Frank Bushmann, Jan Koppen and Laura Wontura. The trio has already successfully accompanied the athletes in their struggle for victory in the popular sports show “Ninja Warrior Germany”.

Watch “RTL high diving” on RTL+ in the stream

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