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New City Punk & Trekking Bike Brake CT Is Coming • eBikeNews

New City Punk & Trekking Bike Brake CT Is Coming • eBikeNews

Safety is now the number one topic when it comes to outfitting e-bikes. Even with city e-bikes, manufacturers rely on a little more performance than necessary. With new CT brakes, Magura meets the need for high standards.

Installed materials for a new system

Magura CT brake disc - eBikeNews
Stable Proof Materials: Carbotecture is the name of the material that Magura brakes are made of

The new Magura CT is brakes optimized for city and touring use. In addition, the new brakes are part of Magura’s “Optimal E-Bike” range and will therefore be found more and more in fast city sports cars in the future.

In order to make quality mountain bike brakes for moderate use, the Bad Urach manufacturer relies on material loyalty. Magura already uses a material called Carbotecture for its Class 1 MT and HS brakes. It is light, durable and forms a good basis for long-term, low-maintenance driving pleasure.

The same applies to the expansion tank. The increased oil volume reduces the likelihood that too much air will enter the system too quickly and a trip to the workshop will be necessary.

Majora Brakes - eBikeNews
Clean appearance, despite the increased size. Magura CT aligns with the trend towards clean design

Two and four piston brakes

Magura’s CT5 system consists of a three-finger or two-finger brake lever with four-piston brakes and costs €169.90. There is also a CT4 as a two-piston version for €129.90 and a CT4 Flatmount for €149.99.

All models use MT Series brake pads and can be used with e-bike booster disc brakes. This means that e-bike manufacturers now have a permanent braking system for e-city bikes at their disposal.

e-MTB Magura CT
City e-bikes, trekking e-bikes, or even e-mountain e-bikes for easy terrain use can soon use CT

Since Magura is known for its excellent quality, some top-tier SUV e-bikes are expected to be equipped with the new system in the future. To be able to convert your e-bike, you have to be patient. Aftermarket sales of the Magura CT are only slated to begin at the beginning of 2022.

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