National Allergy Day: What are the six major respiratory allergies?

Respiratory allergy is not limited to seasonal discomfort like pollen allergy, but it occurs as a reaction to contact with a variety of substances. Focus on the major respiratory allergens.

The Asthma and Allergy Association and its partners are organizing the 16th French Day of Allergy this Tuesday 22 March to raise awareness of the largely underestimated impact of allergies on daily life and to encourage people with allergies to take their illness seriously at the first symptoms. Act.

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What should be done to relieve the symptoms of pollen allergy?

“For 16 years, French Allergy Day has been the main event alerting the general public to the extent and severity of allergies, and the explosion in the number of sick people: in 20 years, the number of people with diseases has doubled and the World Health Organization estimates that 50% of the world’s population will be affected by one allergic disease over a period of 16 years. least in 2050! Today, one in three people born in 1980 suffers from allergies.”

Allergies destroy life

“The highly disabling effect of allergy on daily life and quality of life is a quantifiable fact of those affected: school and occupational absenteeism is significantly higher in allergy sufferers, disturbed sleep with real consequences in terms of stress and fatigue, difficulty in exercise, impact on social life, etc. We know that allergies destroy life, so we must act by informing and reminding you that allergies are never trivial,” explains Dorian Cherioux, vice president representing Asthma and Allergy Patients.

A new poll conducted by Ifop on French Allergy Day shows that only 28% of French people realize that allergies are a daily hindrance. 14% of the French are also convinced that it is a mild disease. Many allergic mechanisms are still poorly understood: only 32% of French people believe that pollution can exacerbate respiratory allergies. The French also underestimate the therapeutic allergen walkthrough: it is already necessary to wait an average of 7 years between the appearance of the first allergic symptoms and the consultation of an allergist.

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>> Chat on the occasion of National Allergy Day : On March 22, this afternoon, allergists will live on site Asthma and Allergy AssociationIt will answer all your questions about allergies,

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