NASA drone lands safely after worst flight yet حتى

NASA-helicopter versatility. (Photo: Evgeniyqw / Shutterstock)

Helicopter Mars creativity pushes its limits with every flight. On his ninth flight, the controlling NASA researchers had to take another risk.

As NASA announced July 5 via Twitter, the Mars Ingenuity helicopter has successfully completed its ninth and most dangerous flight. The drone traveled 625 meters, moved at a speed of five meters per second, and remained in the air for 167 seconds. With the image showing the helicopter’s shadow in flight, NASA has now confirmed the successful flight.

The algorithm on board the small helicopter, which detects the location of creativity on the flight path, was developed for flights over relatively flat terrain. So the ninth flight was associated with increased risks: the high terrain of an intermediate area and the numerous bumps presented a new challenge to the navigation system, and so far, the drone has only landed in sandy areas.

Chief pilot Havard Gripe and technician Bob Balaram were already principals Announced July 2The ninth flight will be the most nerve-wracking yet. The reason for the risky operation: The flyover over the Sittah region demonstrates the potential of a Mars flight companion. The helicopter must reach areas inaccessible to the rover and open new destinations of scientific relevance.

NASA researchers are satisfied with the Mars drone. Creativity performance has been far above expectations since the first flight on April 19, 2021. As a result, it has been announced that the Creativity Mission extension is currently on April 30th. It was originally scheduled for five months and only five flights. NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory team will conduct flight operations through the end of August. Starting in October, Mars and Earth will be on opposite sides of the Sun, preventing contact.

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