Nadia Abdel-Farraj: A quarrel with Olivia Jones:

Nadia Abdel-Farraj has always grabbed positive headlines in the recent past. But now she only faces Olivia Jones!

She wants to make a fresh start. Nadia Abdel-Farraj (56 years old) started her freelance work, more specifically as a professional interior designer, in her certified home in Hamburg. Even if former giant pop star Dieter Bohlen, 68, has had to go through tough times in her past, she seems confident about her future.

In the video above, you get a first glimpse of Nadia Abdel-Farraj’s new apartment.

Even if she considered a waiter a true talent in all respects and has already accepted a variety of jobs in the past few months, she is currently feeling a bit nauseous. Reason: In Hamburg, Abdel-Farraj got into a heated argument with Olivia Jones (52)!

Annoying video on Instagram!

In the video you can see an annoying clip of Naddel on Instagram.

Olivia Jones: Did you arrest Nadia Abdel-Farraj?

In fact, Abdel-Farraj wanted to spend a relaxing evening with her friends at “Olivia Jones Bar”, but it ended up in a lot of trouble! Nadia told Bild: “We were just sitting at the table when the manager came up to us and said we had to go upstairs, Olivia wanted to greet us. Olivia immediately spoke to me there and I had questions about Desiree Nick and the carpet whore. We noticed that an employee He was standing there with his cell phone the whole time and was filming.”

Nadia Abdel-Farraj: “I don’t allow myself to just show off”

Also stunned, the 56-year-old said: “My buddy found out Olivia was live on Instagram. Without asking me. It’s sneaky and doesn’t work at all!” Ouch! So it’s no wonder reconciliation is out of the question for Nadell at the moment: “Olivia’s done with me. You just don’t. Organizing yourself this way is cunning.” Finally, Nadia Abdel-Farraj explained to ‘Bild’, “I don’t just allow myself to be introduced. I will never go there again.”

clumsily!  This man is hiding behind the artist

This guy is behind the artist! In the video you can see Olivia Jones without makeup.

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