Musk votes on Trump’s Twitter account

Musk votes on Trump’s Twitter account

Elon Musk voted on Twitter on whether Donald Trump should open there again. Previously, three banned profiles were unblocked.

Elon Musk has started a Twitter poll on “whether Donald Trump should be brought back.” Obviously, this meant unlocking the previously blocked account of the former boss. There were more than three million participants Friday night, and voting is expected to continue into late Saturday. It’s unclear if Musk will follow the user’s vote. In the first few hours of voting, just over half voted yes.

Twitter chief Elon Musk said he had previously reinstated three suspended accounts on his online network. Musk wrote in the SMS on Friday that the novels by comedian Kathy Griffin, psychiatrist Jordan Peterson and parody site Bubble B have been “brought back.” “Trump’s decision has not been made yet,” the high-tech billionaire continued.

He also commented on the future handling of hateful posts. Twitter’s new policy is freedom of speech, but not freedom of access. Negative/hate tweets are de-circulated to the fullest, so there’s no advertising or other revenue for Twitter either. You won’t find the tweet unless you specifically search for it, which is It’s no different than the rest of the internet.” But this only refers to the tweet, not to the user’s account.

Musk acquired Twitter for $44 billion at the end of October. Critics fear it could significantly limit the fight against the spread of hate speech and fake news on Twitter.

A few months ago, Musk caused a stir when he declared his desire to end Trump’s ban after the Twitter takeover. The former US president’s Twitter account was banned after extremist supporters of the president-elect attacked the Capitol on January 6, 2021.


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