Mr. Corman: Now watch the new drama on Apple TV +
Mr. Corman

Starting today, you can watch the new series “Mr. Corman” on Apple TV+. In the hilarious series, an elementary teacher tries to find his way out of a life crisis.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt's new series "Mr. Corman" Starts exclusively on Apple TV +

Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s new series “Mr. Corman” begins exclusively on Apple TV + (Source: Apple TV +)

  • The first two episodes of the new series “Mr. Corman” will be available to stream worldwide on Friday, August 6, 2021 on Apple TV+.
  • After that there will be a new episode every Friday of every week. You can look forward to a total of 10 episodes.
  • Hollywood actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays Mr. Corman as he invented the series.

The new series “Mr. Corman” is a novelty on Apple TV+ as of today. Apple’s streaming provider appears from 6. August 2021 The first two episodes of the worldwide exclusive, self-produced comedy-drama series. Here an elementary teacher is going through a life crisis after realizing that he really must be a musician.

Josh Corman has always dreamed of a big start with his music as a rock star. However, this dream came to nothing, and so he became a teacher to make a living. However, he is not really satisfied with the way his life has gone.

He is so dissatisfied that it practically plunges him into a deep life crisis. Of course, the fact that his fiancée recently pulled the rip cord and walked out of their shared apartment doesn’t help either. He now lives with his friend Victor, but still suffers from loneliness and anxiety about his future. Can he overcome this difficult stage of his life?

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Mr. Corman rates
Type Drama and comedy
first broadcast


The first broadcast in Germany


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A 24

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