More than 100 new sets can be ordered from tomorrow
LEGO Updates January 2022 cover photo

The New Year is approaching and the preparations for the New Year have begun. For quite a few LEGO fans, the first step into the new year is a request New modular buildings in the LEGO online storeEven before New Year’s toast. but not only New boutique hotel They appear, but also many other new sets: There are more than 100 new sets among LEGO novelties for January 2022.

At this point we wish you a Happy New Year and want to offer you all the new LEGO products you can order starting tomorrow. We go with one in most groups Sales start at midnight I LEGO Online Store , but it may be until 1:00am or maybe even the morning hours so some groups can be ordered. We will of course keep you updated and inform you here on the blog and through Push message on TelegramOnce the sale starts.

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New Exclusive D2C Collections

LEGO traditionally uses the New Year to launch the latest year units, Which will be the same again this year. But not only will the boutique hotel go on sale as a new exclusive group, because several D2C groups will appear at the same time.

LEGO Creator Expert 10297 Boutique Hotel


The boutique hotel is sure to be the absolute highlight of the LEGO novelties in January 2022. The hotel includes an attached art gallery 3066 pieces I will for one RRP from €199.99 In the LEGO Online Store Sold. This means that the hotel is a bit more expensive than its predecessor, but it also has a few other parts. For many of our readers, the modular building should end up in their cart as soon as it’s released: According to our survey, 29% of our readers want to order directly tonight – so it’s very likely that the building will be out of stock in the meantime.

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LEGO Ideas 21331 Sonic the Hedgehog

LEGO Ideas 21331 Sonic the Hedgehog Green Hill Zone 2

The second exclusive set at the start of the year is the LEGO 21331 Sonic the Hedgehog set from the LEGO Ideas series. The group consists of 1125 pieces and costs €69.99 In the LEGO Online Store. It can be assumed that this set will also be available from select other dealers after three months.

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Free gifts from midnight

Unfortunately, things aren’t looking good at the start of the year in terms of freebies. Presumably, there will only be a polybag for large enough LEGO Friends or LEGO City purchases that will end up in your cart – at least that’s what the Australian online LEGO Store currently suggests:

Free LEGO Acceptance in January 2022
A screenshot of the Australian LEGO Online Store: Midnight Freebies

Exclusive collections “The Extended Line”

In January, several groups appear again and again, the specific numbers of which begin with 40xxx and es Exclusively in the LEGO Online Store and brand stores as well at LEGOLAND. LEGO internally called these sets the “Stretching Line”. Small groups are often ideal for filling your cart into ‘Gift with Purchase’ campaigns if the minimum order value has not been reached. Since the sets are not regularly sold at other retailers in almost all cases, there is no need to wait for the discounts here.

Our January 2022 updates include not only the usual seasonal and “other” collections for the start of the year, but also some new collections for BrickHeadz collectors.

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Brickheads news


But there are also exclusive novelties hidden in other themed worlds, especially with LEGO Star Wars sets. My mini figure pack It is sure to prove extremely popular.

Chinese New Year and Monkie Kid

LEGO Chinese New Year 2022

Even if the two LEGO Chinese New Year 2022 creations have already been available to order in this country for a few days, we want to include them again as part of the LEGO Innovations for January, because they are a little better off there. Very unusual, but consistently very successful Monkie Kid novelties for the first half of 2022 appear exclusively in LEGO today.

LEGO Monkie Kid sets LEGO 2022 Titelbild 02

LEGO news by topic

Most of the innovations come from the realms of regular features that are sold in stores everywhere. Not every retailer has listed the sets yet, but the sets can already be found at some retailers and some can also be pre-ordered. We’ve compiled all of LEGO’s January 2022 news again clearly in tables, organized by topic.

notice: We have the tables below too Some plastic bags included, which cannot currently be ordered anywhere. Small bags should appear at first retailers in the coming days and weeks and we’ll add links accordingly.

LEGO Architecture News

LEGO Architecture 21057 Singapore Skyline Cover 02

LEGO City News

LEGO City News January 2022 Title 2

LEGO Creator 3 in 1 novelties

LEGO Creator 31129 Majestic Tiger Cover

LEGO Creator Expert . News

LEGO DC news

lego batman sets 2021 title

LEGO Disney news

LEGO Disney January 2022 Title



LEGO Friends News

LEGO Friends New Releases 2022 Cover Photo

LEGO Marvel Updates

LEGO Marvel 4+ Neueheiten 2022

LEGO Minecraft Updates

LEGO Minecraft Innovations 2022 cover photo

LEGO miniaturization with the latest developments

LEGO 71032 Collectible Mini Series 22 Review Title

LEGO Ninjago Updates

LEGO Ninjago 2022 cover photo - January Updates

LEGO Star Wars Updates

LEGO Star Wars Hoth Cover Photo 02

LEGO Super Mario Updates

LEGO Super Mario New Editions 2022, Title 2

LEGO Technic Updates

LEGO Technic January 2022 news

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How do you like the new LEGO flood of January 2022? What’s Ending Up in Your Shopping Cart for the New Year? Did we miss something on our list? Feel free to share ideas in the comments! If there are still any questions about the updates, we can answer any open questions about the January updates from LEGO.


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