Home Tech Monster Trucks expansion announced with first teaser

Monster Trucks expansion announced with first teaser

Monster Trucks expansion announced with first teaser

The developers at Milestone Interactive today announced the latest expansion of the arcade racing game Hot Wheels Unleashed. This will be released in April and will give you the opportunity to take a seat behind the wheel of huge trucks.

Hot Wheels Unleashed: Monster Truck expansion announced with first teaser

As promised ahead of the official release, the ‘Hot Wheels Unleashed’ arcade racer will be supported with updates and new content over a long period of time.

Today, the developers at Milestone Interactive have once again delivered on their promise and announced the next expansion of “Hot Wheels Unleashed”. The aforementioned add-on will be centered around the theme of monster trucks and will pave the way for Hot Wheels versions of high horsepower escorts. The first teaser released as part of today’s announcement sets the mood for the new content.

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A look at the following overview will tell you about the content offered as part of the Monster Trucks expansion.

The contents of the new addition in detail

  • Five new cars / huge trucks
  • Objectively appropriate road building unit
  • Basement customization items
  • New content for player profile
  • New environment: stop motion studio

The Monster Trucks expansion will be available on April 21, 2022 and can be purchased individually or as part of a second season pass. The second season pass will be available from February 17, 2022 and will offer various new content – including a total of nine vehicles, three themed customization packs, and three new track builder units.

More Hot Wheels news unleashed.

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