Minute Doctor!  What is the gut microbiota?

Crohn’s disease is caused by an imbalance of the germs, all the microorganisms present in the intestines. Research cares about it, and the media talks about it when its role has long been underestimated when it is essential to the body.

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Weighing between one and five kilograms, it lives in your intestines and feeds on what you swallow, intestinal microbes or intestinal microbes, that’s its old name, it performs many functions. Thanks to him, bacteria live in symbiosis with your body.

100,000 billion microorganisms

For proper digestion, the body needs bacteria. It’s so many, no less than 100,000 billion, but it’s also viruses, parasites, fungi… All these little people live in your body.

The gut microbiota plays an essential role. It performs three main functions for health: digesting food, bacteria fermenting certain foods and allowing fiber to be digested, barrier effect and immune system development.

The gut, our second brain

From a neurological point of view, the gut is interesting, and its nickname is the second brain. With 200 million neurons, it can control the idea of ​​satiety, estimate whether the body is still hungry or not at all …

On the other hand, it becomes more complicated when he is upset. Because of treatment with antibiotics for example, or a viral infection, it can get worse.

This results in bloating or constipation in the body. In some cases, the onset of chronic diseases such as diabetes or Crohn’s disease is evident. He has not yet revealed all his secrets, far from it and research is seriously looking into his case!

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