Mike Singer will soon have a guest role in 'Cologne 50667'

Mike Singer (22 years old) will be back soon on TV! He is now known not only as a musician, but also as a popular TV personality. His fans especially love how open and honest he is always with his feelings. So he is currently swinging his dancing leg in Let’s Dance and he puts a lot of emotion into his performance. And his television journey continues: Mike will be in front of the camera for Cologne 50667 in the coming months!

Like Presseportal.de Reportedly, the singer is getting a small guest appearance on the popular soap opera. Mike will also present his new album “Emotions”. “I personally celebrate ‘Köln 50667’ and the show goes along with my music,” the 22-year-old got excited. He is really excited about this opportunity. “When I received the collaboration request a few months ago, I was very excited,” he revealed.

Born in Keeler, he also sees it as an opportunity for viewers of the series to get to know him better. In his career, he’s had the opportunity to savor the air of television – and so far he seems to really like it in front of the camera. “That’s why I really enjoy being on TV.”Mike finally explained.

Joachim Lambi and Mike Singer in April 2022
Present "Cologne 50667"-spit

© RTLZWEI / Niklas Nessner

The current cast is “Cologne 50667”
Mike Singer im johnny 2021
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