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Media usage at a new high of 13 hours

Media usage at a new high of 13 hours

MunichAccording to a Forsa survey, Germans spend an average of four hours a day watching television and two and a half hours on the Internet. If you include phone, smartphone, radio and games, “after the record last year, media use has reached a new level: 13 hours a day,” the customer said. Umfrage, Seven One MediaThursday with. The renewed increase in media use is characterized by “the growing diversity of shows and devices as well as the continuing impact of the coronavirus pandemic.”

Forsa conducted a survey on people aged 14 and over in March 2021. Seven One said: “Particularly noteworthy is the additional growth in media consumption compared to the exceptional month of March 2020, when media use was for the first time over the course of the year. ten hours a day.” 637 minutes were achieved. Then there is the one-on-one communication.”

TV consumption remains at the same level

Four hours of watching TV per day – this value has practically not changed in recent years. In addition, Germans today spend more than twice as much time on the Internet as in 2015: according to the survey, they spend 149 minutes per day watching online videos, browsing, social media and online shopping. Moreover, radio is 100 minutes long, music and CD streaming is 46 minutes, and games are 45 minutes long. There are only 25 minutes left for books and only 14 minutes for newspapers.

“Due to the pandemic, people made significantly more phone calls, chatted, emailed, or participated in video calls in 2021,” Seven One said. The use of one-to-one communications increased from 123 to 143 minutes per day. Using multiple media at the same time is now an integral part of media consumption. “Often every third person uses TV and the Internet in parallel.”

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