Marco Hueger in training 1. FC Köln.

Marco Hueger (here on April 6th) will play for Waldhof Mannheim in the future.

Marko Hueger founded a new club after five years at 1. FC Köln. In an interview, he explained why the 31-year-old, who has signed a contract until 2023, is continuing his career at Waldhof Mannheim.

Mannheim / Cologne. Marko Hueger, 31, is preparing for his new adventure in a hotel not far from the main train station in Mannheim. The veteran midfielder, who is not offered a new contract after five years at 1. FC Köln, must bring his qualities to third division Waldhof Mannheim in the new season. In EXPRESS gives reasons for changing it.

Marco Höger, the news came as a bit of a surprise: after 106 matches for 1. FC Köln you are moving to the third division. Why Waldhof Mannheim?

We were on the same wavelength in conversations, the club did their best to help me. I didn’t really have the Waldoves on my radar because I had never played against them in my career. But I’ve been busy with this for the past few weeks and noticed what a club with a long tradition. Legends are played here. You have a lot of great fans. I only played in traditional clubs. So this suits me perfectly.

With what goals did you sign your contract by 2023?

The club has big goals and wants to return to the second division. It would be great if you could help with that. Coach Patrick Glockner and Head of Sports Jochen Kintz really wanted me, and they convinced me. I’m at my best, I made all the preparations with the second team.

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Marco Hueger: “Conditions in Waldhof are better than in Geißbockheim!”

Are there prerequisites for that?

You have to say: The stadium is perfect for that. And when you come from Geißbockheim, the training conditions here are much better than in Cologne. In the cup match against Eintracht Frankfurt, I noticed how strong the club was. Then he made the decision for me.

But the relationship with FC still?

Cologne is still my home, I’m not out of the world and within 75 minutes with ICE at home. Of course, I keep my fingers crossed with FC that they will achieve their goals this season as well. I had a lot of great conversations with Stephen Baumgart, he’s a great guy, I wish him the best of luck in Cologne. I’ve always said that after my career I can imagine joining FC.


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