Man Arrested: Car Drives Through Gate in Vatican State News

Man Arrested: Car Drives Through Gate in Vatican State News

Excitement in the Vatican State.

A car crashed through a gate in Vatican City on Thursday night. The driver was arrested, according to the Holy See. Accordingly, no one was hurt.

The Holy See said that the car reached the eastern Santana entrance gate of the Vatican and penetrated the control gates of the Swiss Pontifical Guard and the Vatican State Gendarmerie at high speed.

First, the car approached and the Swiss guards drove it away. After a maneuver, she came back and raced the Vatican.

– In an attempt to stop the car, a member of the Vatican forces fired his pistol at the front wheels of the car.

Despite hitting the car on the left front fender, the car continued driving. Meanwhile, the car had reached the interior behind the gate and Cortel di San Damaso, the central courtyard of the Apostolic Palace.

She added that the driver got there without being asked to do so, and was arrested by the emergency services there.

The 40-year-old was immediately examined by a doctor – doctors of the Ministry of Health of the Vatican City State found “psychophysical changes” in him. According to the Holy See, the man is now being held in the barracks of the Vatican Gendarmerie.


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