Ludwigsburg giants have reached the semi-finals - SWR Sport

MHP Riesen Ludwigsburg won the top five series decisive match against Brose Bamberg (95:73) and is now in the semi-finals of the title role.

After Bamberg equalized by winning the fourth game, the decision to move to the semi-finals was made only in the fifth game on Thursday evening. Ludwigsburg didn’t give Bamberg any chance from the start and showed his best match in the series. In the end they clearly won with 95:73 (50:37).

Always in the lead

They are using their home advantage and have reached the semi-finals of the qualifiers with great nerve. For the hosts, not left behind, Tremmell Darden was the best shooter with 14 points – and five giants scored double-digits. Bamberg had the best shooters in Bennett Hundt and Christian Singfelder (19 points each), but their performance was insufficient against the balance and recoil strength of the favorite. In Ludwigsburg, there are only two players who did not score any points.

John Patrick: Respect for Munich

Ludwigsburg coach John Patrick said he was very proud of his team in an interview with SWR Sport after the match. At the same time, they now have a lot of respect for Munich and its “inhuman schedule”.

An exciting series in the quarter-finals

The series for the Giants began according to plan: against former series champion Bruce Bamberg, coach John Patrick’s team won the knockout stage start with 83:69 (41:33). The second game was actually more compact. In a thrilling final stage, Ludwigsburg won with an 86:83 victory and thus earned two match points against Bamberg.

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But they couldn’t convert them in Game Three (60:96) or Game Four (84:87). The greater the satisfaction now. In the semi-finals, the giants will now play Bayern Munich. The first match will be held next Saturday. In the second semi-final round, Alba and Ratovarm Ulm face each other.


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