Detectives have made a shocking discovery in the home's bedroom.

Detectives have made a shocking discovery in the home’s bedroom.

A blind woman reported her husband’s disappearance. A little later cruel certainty. The police are puzzled.

The case of the missing has come to a shocking conclusion in the US state of Louisiana. A blind woman had not heard from her husband, Robert Lang, 76, for more than a day and was very worried. Finally alerted the police. Officers made a shocking discovery in her bedroom shortly thereafter.

After the woman reported her husband’s unusual disappearance on Friday (December 31), local police dispatched a patrol car to her home in the small Texas border town of Natchitoch.

After briefly questioning the wife, the officers also looked around the property. When they saw a broken window, the police asked me if I could look inside.

Missing husband: Police discover trauma in bedroom

Then they made a terrible discovery in the bedroom. Husband died on the bed. Any help came too late. Natchitoch Police said on Facebook that the body had multiple gunshot wounds.

Investigators are assuming a crime, but they haven’t been caught yet. The wife is not under urgent suspicion, although it is unclear why she did not hear the shooting and the body of her husband was not found.

“Our officers are relentlessly searching for more clues and questioning family members, friends and acquaintances of the deceased,” the police chief said. So far, however, without success.

New evidence from surveillance cameras?

Investigators hope for new impetus by evaluating surveillance materials from the region. Based on the broken window and other effects, it is believed that it could be a burglary with serious consequences.

The dead man was no stranger. Robert Lang has been a small-town volunteer fire chief for 20 years and ran for Senate as a conservative independent in 2020. (j)

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