Home Top News Live Ticker for 2nd Bundesliga Game: Heidenheim – St Bowley

Live Ticker for 2nd Bundesliga Game: Heidenheim – St Bowley

Live Ticker for 2nd Bundesliga Game: Heidenheim – St Bowley

The first nine sports days could not have gone better for the kiskiker. With 19 points, the coach Timo Schultz team is currently in the sun. But Heidenheim FC did not expect an easy task at St Paul’s. With 15 points behind, today’s hosts will be trying to get closer to Kiskiker. Here is the MOPO live ticker:

  • Timo Schultz tried just before the game to reduce the current excitement about his team. “It was so much more to me when I wrote twelve reasons why St Paulie’s and St Paulie’s being number one or better than the city’s neighbors. It all happens so quickly,” Schultz said. It is not our thing to call superiors. “
  • FC Saint-Pauly are still the best team in the 2nd Bundesliga this calendar year. Correspondingly wide-chested, the “boys in Brown” would go to Heidenheim. Meanwhile, the Kiskiker coach did not want to know anything about the pressure. “Others want the pressure and want to climb to the top. We have countless luxurious conditions in heavyweights and favorites,” said the Honcetic coach in Hamburg on Thursday.
  • Bitter balance: In the last seven overseas games at Heidenheim, Keischicker has won just one game. All other games failed.
  • Two returns to the squad at FC St Bowley Haydenheim could be recounted. “Finn Ole Becker and Maxi Diggen are training at full speed and are now candidates for the game again,” said coach Timo Schultz.
  • Welcome to MOPO Live Ticker! Today FC St Bowley is competing at 1.30pm in Heidenheim. You do not miss an important scene in the live ticker.
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