Home Top News Linda Cervakis: The revelation of “Teksov” shocked the fans

Linda Cervakis: The revelation of “Teksov” shocked the fans

Linda Cervakis: The revelation of “Teksov” shocked the fans

For many years, Linda Cervakis, 46, as a presenter, entertained ARD “Takeshchov” audiences – now she was shocked by a harsh revelation about this time.

Linda Servakis: “Teksov” -As

All symptoms stand for Linda Gervais New beginning: Officially announced a few months ago, 45 years old Procyphene ARD “Texaw” Matthias will be joining Aptenhowl for a new show called “Sherwakis & Uptenhowl”. Long live Moderate.

Around Eight years Linda Cervakis is one of the leaders of the news program. Very little is known about Linda Cervakis: the news anchor works not only on television but also as a writer. Last year he published his first book “Etsikietsi – In Search of My Roots”.

In addition, the 46-year-old went with him in June last year Own podcast At the beginning “Linda Cervakis Gifts: Good German”. Looks boring Media expert That shouldn’t be the case and her old job as a news anchor seems to be Linda as well No. Long Then to observe mourning …

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On top of that Change channel The 46-year-old, on the other hand, is just as excited about her new job as she is Opposite Editorial Network Germany (RND) Revealed:

I’ve worked shifts for almost 20 years, and sometimes I still wake up at night and say, ‘God, do I have to be in the morning magazine now?’ Sometimes during the day I think: ‘Should I go to the station tonight?’ You will not find it quickly.

Accordingly, it was clear to her for a long time Job change For a long time they had nothing: “Because I noticed that my circulatory system was not working well. Whenever there was something about sleep labs and impact work on the body on TV, I turned it off – I would not ask what I was doing to my body.”

I hope Linda will be in her new job The best Like it and you will see yourself in the future no worry More about them Bless yourself have to do.

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“Gerwakis & Upton Havel. Live” magazine launched in Prosipen on September 13 at 8:15 pm.

Sources used: RNT


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