Liam Payne: After ten months of engagement, the 'One Direction' star is back

Singer Liam Payne, 27, and model Maya Henry, 21, have suddenly split. Until a few months ago, her luck seemed perfect. The One Direction star didn’t announce his engagement to the Texas model until August.

He surprised the 27-year-old on the podcast “Diary of a CEO” by the status of his new relationship. When asked by host Stephen Bartlett, Pine replied that he was single. He was disappointed in himself that he kept hurting people. “It bothers me. I wasn’t very good at relationships before.” Now he has to work on himself first before he gets involved in a relationship again, says his self-critic.

Love in Liam Payne and Maya Henry: ‘It Had to Happen’

“I didn’t show the best version of myself in the relationship,” Pine continued. Now that it’s over, he feels better. “I don’t feel good about what I did, but it had to happen.” It’s better for both.

The musician did not reveal the exact reason for the split. But he hopes Henry is happy. The two announced their relationship in 2018. The engagement took place two years later. Rumor has it that Henry’s engagement ring was worth more than three million euros.

From 2015 to 2018, Pine was in a relationship with British singer Cheryl Cole (37). In 2017, their son Bear Gray Pine was born.


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