Home Top News Leipzig draws against Wolfsburg and wins the runner-up championship

Leipzig draws against Wolfsburg and wins the runner-up championship

Leipzig draws against Wolfsburg and wins the runner-up championship

Leipzig can no longer take second place in the Bundesliga. In addition, R.P. That was enough Against Wolfsburg A tie, Which helped Lower Saxony considerably.

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After losing the trophy final, R.P. was runner-up in the Bundesliga. Leipzig comforted himself. In Sunday evening coach Julian Knucklesman’s last home game, after a remarkable second half, the Saxons beat the WFL Wolfsburg 2-2 (0-2) and could not move from second place at the table. Last match day.

With 65 points, the club’s own record of 67 points from the 2016/17 season is still R.P. Meanwhile, the VFL is excited about qualifying for the Champions League, which was previously only theoretically possible from Lower Saxony. This will be the third participation in the primary class for wolves.

Maximilian Phillip (12th, 45th + 1) led coach Oliver Glasner before the break. Justin Kluward (51st), captain Marcel Sabitzer (78th, penalty kick)

Philip Wally in the corner

Future Bayern coach Nakelsmann, who was criticized for starting eleven in the Cup final on Thursday (1: 4), made a significant change against Wolfsburg: all five players who were transferred against Pvt in the second half were used from the start. In total, Knucklesman made eight changes.

Initially, however, the action did not have the desired effect. R.P. He had more of the ball, but initially there were only opportunities for guests – because R.P. Was far from the enemy. Riddle Bagu (7th) had the lead on his feet, but was slightly distracted. After a while, Philip did better with a volleyball in the corner.

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Hasey Leipzigers

R.P. Did not focus on his actions. In the recent third place, incorrect or technical errors of the passing game led to ball losses. However, well-organized Wolfsburg have often freed themselves from sporting situations with playful solutions, and this has not been easy for Leipzigs.

Dangerously, Wolfsburg acted in a straight line – and it could have increased. Wood Wehorst completed a counter-attack. The striker only hit the post (25th). R.P. for further control. Playmaker Emil Forsberg and Sabitzer went through a lot around the center. However, like Christopher Nungu (28th) and Willie Orban (30th), Leipzig had fewer chances. Before the break, both teams played at eye level and looked for a way to attack. Halfway through, Philip increased.

Leipzig came out of the cabin with winger Angelino, who was not on the trophy team, and had a lot of speed. Other dangerous acts were carried out by the hosts following Cluvert’s goal, and they often acted outdoors and were pushed to balance. No relief measures were available for Wolfsburg.


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