Home Tech Legend of Mana – More information on the modified version

Legend of Mana – More information on the modified version

Legend of Mana – More information on the modified version

In February, Square Enix announced the remastered version of “Legend of Mana,” the fourth installment in the MANA series, for Nintendo Switch, PC, and PlayStation 4. The revised version will offer various improvements, including high-resolution graphics, revised and redrawn wallpapers, and a user interface. Updated.

There will also be exclusive equipment players can create in Equipment Formation. The equipment there can also be changed. Likewise, once prepared, enchanted tools can be made in a tool shop.

Other features in Legend of Mana:

  • Pets – Players can collect eggs and hatch pet monsters that have auxiliary synchronous effects to help them achieve battle victories. Pets live in the monster house on players’ possessions and can be quickly strengthened by sending them to the “Ring Ring Land” mini-game.
  • Magic Golems – Magic Golems are magic life forms infused with the power of mana that players can collect to help them in battle. Players control HP and golem values ​​and equip it with over 50 different attack and defense abilities.

In the game, new and returning players take on the role of the hero. With him they go on a journey to find the mysterious mana tree they saw in a dream, only to discover that the world map is empty. During their adventure, players will experience multiple stories, meet a variety of different characters, compete in real-time battles against fearsome monsters, and explore the vast world of Fa’Diel as they relive the timeless story of the popular RPG.

In Escad Story Arc, players follow four childhood friends – Escad, Daena, Matilda, and Irwin – during their friendship and experience their struggles over the course of the Djinn Wars that occurred more than a decade ago. Additionally, you’ll join Larc, the Drakonis dragon, in the Dragon Killer Arc as he embarks on a mission to kill the Dragons of Knowledge and challenge another dragon named Sierra.

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As the game progresses, players can also enter the grove in the secluded depression that Trent inhabits – an ancient tree with fruits and vegetables that can be used to feed pets, paint gems, and change equipment.

The redesigned version of “Legend of Mana” will be released on June 24, 2021 for PC (Steam), Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4. The JRPG will be available for € 29.99 (RRP) and anyone who purchases it before July 23, 2021 will receive ten avatars and the “Legend theme” of Mana ‘single for PlayStation 4 or wallpaper for PC. More details on all game releases, pre-order and pre-order bonuses can be found here: Click!

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