Kläbo with a cross-country record: Even a broken stick doesn't hold back Hennig

Kläbo with cross country record
Even a broken stick does not block Hennig

First, Katharina Hennig threw a broken wand again, then a runner in the leading group was annoying. None of this is stopping the German ski queen. She finished ten kilometers in the Tour de Ski away and is ready for the Olympics. Meanwhile, a Norwegian national managed to set an amazing record.

First bad luck with a broken stick, then “disruptive maneuvers” from behind: cross-country skater Katharina Hennig misses the big hit on the penultimate stage of the Tour de Ski, but in fifth place once again showed her world level over ten kilometers in the classics. pattern. “I’m totally happy. I’ve confirmed that I can go up front. That’s the main thing,” said the 25-year-old, who climbed to ninth in the overall standings. Hennig started in a mishap at the 2026 Olympics in Val di Fiemme, where she had climbed on the podium for the past two years. “On the first lap I broke my stick and got stuck at the end of the field. That costs the grain. You don’t get anything for free here,” Saxon said.

Hennig started a catch-up race and was part of a group of six players who pulled away halfway. In the last intermediate time after 8.9 seconds, Hennig was third, but had to give up the last climb – also because the competition involuntarily interfered. “The runner kept stomping on my sled behind me,” Hennig said. “And the momentum was gone.” In the end, she was just six seconds away from her second podium in the Olympic winter, but fifth was Germany’s best result so far on the Tour. “Kata did another great race. It was a show,” said national team coach Peter Schlekenrieder.

Dählie سجل record tied

As on Saturday, Natalia Nebragywa won the race. In the men’s category, superstar Johannes Husflut Kläbo made history: the Norwegian equalized the World Cup record for compatriot Björn Dällie with his 46th singles victory. Three-time Olympic champion Kläbo is just 25 years old – while Dählie, on the other hand, is 31 year when he achieved his last World Cup victory in March 1999. Janusz Brueger was the best German in 18th place. In the women’s category, Katherine Sauerbrey (Steinbach-Hallenberg) caused a surprise by achieving half of the Olympic record (1xTop8 or 2xTop15) in second place. ten. “I’m so happy, it was a great race. I can’t believe it myself,” said the 24-year-old Sauerbury after the best World Cup result of her career.

Nebragywa and Klapo consolidated their progression in the general standings with their victories. The decision will be made on Tuesday when it’s time for the steep ‘final climb’ on the legendary Alpe Cermis. Each winner will receive a prize money of 55,000 Swiss francs (about 53,100 euros). Hennig recently finished eighth in the overall standings twice. The best German result in Tour history is sixth place for Claudia Nystad (2007/08) and Catherine Ziller (2011/12).

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