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For the first time, a previously transplanted kidney was re-implanted in a patient. Friday May 27 Damien mskrit Was on 12/13 scheduled to talk about it.

diff fromAP-HP (help public hospitals in Paris) ont plant it again A kidney previously transplanted to a patient. It’s the first.First, because the donor received this kidney fifteen years ago […] It is a surgical feat that Dr. François Godes has achieved with his colleagues because the transplanted kidney fuses with its recipient and it is very difficult to remove without damaging it. It’s more complicated, it’s longer and more dangerousDamian explains mskrit. The recipient was warned that the transplant could be canceled if the extraction proved impossible, without damaging the organ.

But isn’t using an already transplanted kidney a risk again?I He proved his worth for more than fifteen years, moreover, he started working again perfectly and quickly, within 48 hours, at the new recipient. And above all, unlike the usual organ donation, this was done within the framework of the Maastricht 3 procedure. Again, this is the first in France. Meaning that the sample is taken as soon as the patient dies of cardiac arrest, after treatment has been stopped and comfort care continues”, says the doctor and journalist from France Télévisions. In this particular case, the donor had a severe stroke.

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