Jennifer Lopez vs Shakira: Fans are arguing over the Super Bowl scandal

Jennifer Lopez vs Shakira
Fans are arguing over the Super Bowl scandal

Shakira (left) and Jay Lew starred in the Super Bowl 2020 halftime show.

Shakira (left) and Jay Lew starred in the Super Bowl 2020 halftime show.

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Jennifer Lopez was apparently unhappy being on stage with Shakira at the Super Bowl halftime show. Now the fans are arguing.

Shitstorm for Jennifer Lopez (52): In her Netflix documentary “Halftime,” the singer announced that she wasn’t entirely satisfied with the fact that she was on stage with fellow star Shakira (45) at the Super Bowl Showtime Show 2020. A feud has now erupted between fan camps For singers on Twitter – JLo in particular doesn’t do well.

Who is the biggest star?

The basis for the discussion is the question: Who is the biggest star, Jennifer Lopez or Shakira? You read one of the first tweets on this topic: “Shakira has never been taller than JLo in her career. And I love Shakira.” Shakira fans response: one of her followers It shows, among other things, the singer’s successes, such as several Latin Grammy Awards, while Lopez is “only known” for her relationship with Alex Rodriguez (46), Marc Anthony (53) and Ben Affleck (49). Another tweet says so: “The fact that JLo is still complaining about having to perform with Shakira (the biggest and most humble star) on the halftime show just shows that she’s just jealous.”

Twitter user Defends J.Lo: “This is the best example of how misinformation spreads. She’s never said anything negative about Shakira. She’s not bitter. She’s angry at Super Bowl sponsors for giving two Latinas the job that a mid-level person at Show halftime and get all the lights.”

What is the documentary about?

The documentary, available on Netflix under the German title “Jennifer Lopez: Halbzeit” starting Tuesday (June 14), revolves around the past 50 years of the artist’s life and ends with her screening of the Super Bowl halftime with Shakira 2020. Specials Also Show the documentary about Lopez’s relationship With her twins Max and Amy, 14.

J.Lo’s comments about the Super Bowl halftime show caused a scandal in advance. Several American media quoted the singer: “It’s the worst idea in the world to let two people play the Super Bowl.” J.Lo director Benny Medina, 64, is said to have said, “It was insulting to think that it took two Latinas to do the job that only one artist has done in the past.” It is also alleged that the singers argued before their performance.



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