‘Jackass 4.5’ on Netflix: Why You Shouldn’t Watch ‘Jackass Forever’ Anyway, But Even Before (!) – Kino News

‘Jackass 4.5’ on Netflix: Why You Shouldn’t Watch ‘Jackass Forever’ Anyway, But Even Before (!) – Kino News

“Jackass 4.5” has been available on Netflix since this weekend — and now one should be happy to see the new scene of Team Chaos, who supposedly missed the cinema, now on a streaming subscription. But it is not that easy…


If you’re currently streaming “Jackass 4.5” on Netflix, you won’t get a copy – perhaps longer – of “Jackass Forever.” Actually, they are two different films. Jackass 4.5 mainly consists of scenes that didn’t make it to Jackass Forever, as well as alternate shots of the movie’s exciting games. In order to create a feature film runtime, there’s also a behind-the-scenes look and creativity. Officials also commented on the shooting at some moments.

Through this Jackass 4.5, now available on Netflix, is actually more of a Jackass Forever companion movie. However, the majority of the stunts appear at their best (even the longest) glory in Jackass Forever. Of course, you can also stream Jackass 4.5 solo on Netflix, but it’s actually better to enjoy it if you already know Jackass Forever.

Problem: ‘Jackass Forever’ itself is not available on Netflix – there is currently no other streaming service either.

Our tip: Wait a few days and then the full “Jackass” load

Then ‘Jackass Forever’ will only be available to stream in a few days – May 26, 2022 They can currently be pre-ordered from services such as Amazon Prime Video.

» “Jackass Forever” on Amazon Prime Video*

Anyone who has ever seen Jackass Forever in the cinema (or is still watching the movie, that few are still showing the movie) can of course start straight with “Jackass 4.5” on Netflix without any problems. We can only recommend to anyone else to wait a few days. Jackass 4.5 will be on Netflix for a long time and don’t run away. So Our tip: Wait a few days, watch “Jackass Forever” first and then immediately give yourself a full load of Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O and Co with “Jackass 4.5.”

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