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Italy: Fans storm Wembley

Italy: Fans storm Wembley

England – Italy

Multiple arrests after storming Wembley

It was sweltering in London ahead of the European Championship final between England and Italy with the crowd intoxicated.

After dozens of football fans stormed Wembley Stadium before the European Championship final between England and Italy (2:3 iE), at least 45 people were provisionally arrested. This was reported by the British Broadcasting Corporation BBC.

A stadium spokesman confirmed that a “small number” of fans without tickets tried to get inside the stadium. The FA described the scenes as “totally unacceptable” and “embarrassing” for the three lions. According to the Metropolitan Police, there were similar attempts in the fan zone in Trafalgar Square.

According to media reports from London, the barriers were climbed or demolished about an hour and a half before kick-off. Videos from Daily Mail reporters, among others, showed folders chasing offending fans and trying to keep the situation under control.

A stadium spokesman initially confirmed an “incident” in the outer security ring. He added that police forces were deployed and “security measures were taken quickly.” No fans entered the stadium without tickets. The last statement was later corrected.

Police had previously urged fans without tickets to avoid the entire crowded area around the stadium. (SID)

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