Leipzig. Since Dominico Tedesco was RB coach, he has not even seen, heard or enjoyed a fan in his new room. Not against Gladbach (4: 1), Bielefeld (0: 2) and Mainz (4: 1). The 36-year-old may have asked the question before the fans’ “return”: If there were only 1000 fans, could there be a better situation with 45,000 spectators?


Yes, it works. Instead of using your usual noise and excitement as a basis for evaluation, get involved in the situation and say: Happy is the one who forgets the unchangeable. All of the RB bosses placed the 1000 lucky ones on the sixth floor of the main Grandstand and the VIP box area above, not distributing them in a wide circle. Good idea to enable shared experience and phonetic motivation. And, yes, 1000 fans can create a situation well, help the team in shoals, and point out sub-results to the referee.

Knowing that every individual, every voice, every use of the drum, every flag is important. The iconic bully, following in the ranks, gives everything, encourages and cheers, while national player Marcel Holstenberg throws a blanket at a frozen reporter. Signal: Hansa, strangely supported by the big representatives of Rostock, must dress lovingly. The fact that all of the guests’ flags were visible caused dissatisfaction among some loyal Bulls fans, who were unfortunately only able to watch the game on TV.

Beer, sausage and fries are in the beginning, and RB supporters don’t like the initial lead. Against Only 1000 visitors are allowed on Sunday (3.30pm) in Wolfsburg.

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