Home entertainment Islanders have doubts: is Mandarina really serious?

Islanders have doubts: is Mandarina really serious?

Islanders have doubts: is Mandarina really serious?

Trouble in Heaven? On Love Island, the grand finale is approaching. But in the past few metres, some couples are being tested again – especially dream couple Martin Foschi and Andrina Santoro (28), aka Mandrina, have a bit of a struggle. but why? In today’s challenge, the two of them were interrogated by the other islanders…

In the “Wahl-O-Mat” challenge, two islanders always had to face each other – including Martin and Robin. And when asked which of the two would not stay with the couple after “Love Island,” the contestant had a clear opinion: Martin, the personnel advisor, had to endure a heavy shower with a somewhat surprised look, but he couldn’t quite understand the choice. “First everyone talks about the couple dreaming and then something like that”The 29-year-old was furious afterwards.

Even his flame Andrina couldn’t understand it at all. But the couple encouraged each other – even if it wasn’t nice to hear something like that at first. “I swear we stand together like this”Martin confirmed. Do you think the two will stay together after ‘Love Island’? Vote in the poll!

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Martin and Robin in “Love Island”
Andrina and Martin, “Love Island” – The Couple 2021
Martin Fuhsy and Andrina Santoro in “Love Island”
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