Insider harshly criticizes Robert Lewandowski – “not credible”

Insider harshly criticizes Robert Lewandowski – “not credible”
Robert Lewandowski certainly wants to leave Bayern Munich in the summer.

Robert Lewandowski certainly wants to leave Bayern Munich in the summer. Image: Revierfoto / Revierfoto


Lucas Kripowski

Robert Lewandowski is bored with FC Bayern. He made this clear at a press conference for the Polish national team on Monday.

“My era at Bayern is over. I can not imagine another good partnership. Bayern are a serious club and I hope they will not keep me if they can.”

For Jர்கrgen Nappenberger, the whole situation was just a “punch and punch show”. After all, he has no understanding of the statements of the Pole. “This is underground behavior, “he told Watson. He has been a consultant and communications expert for many years, and oversees many current and former Bundesliga stars and coaches such as Leipzig coach Dominico Tedesco through his company “Spirit Communication”.

“They can do whatever they want when they are at a certain level.”

Jurgen Nappenberger, player adviser on Robert Lewandowski’s behavior

Currently, the Polish star and his adviser Bini Jahvi have not missed an opportunity to talk about Lewandowski’s exit from the German record champions and to provocatively emphasize how good it is in Spain. His wife Anna also sparked rumors when she posted on Instagram that she was learning Spanish. After all, FC Barcelona have been in love with the 33-year-old for months. On the other hand, the Munich employers insist that the agreement run until 2023.

Lewandowski is part of a bad development in football

FC Bayern’s reaction to Lewandowski is certainly not long in coming. “I can not say why Robert chose this path. Public statements like this will not take you anywhere“Oliver Conn commented to Sport 1.” Praise is not a one-way street, “he added.

Nappenberg, a consultant and communications expert, agrees: “He would not have won his titles and personal awards without the club.”

Until now, the Pole was considered a complete model professional, but now it is part of the best European football. The pole may also have been affected.

Experienced consultant Nappenberger is annoyed above all else: “Players were not affected by this event. Other clubs do not have the reputation to say ‘I do not want it’. They can do whatever they want when there is a certain level. “Nappenberger fears that this behavior will now be overlooked.

“This is a new key, it’s socially acceptable and you can not take it back.”

Problems with Lewandowski and his advisers

It is noteworthy that not only his current adviser Bini Jahavi, who had already arranged for David Alaba’s Bayern Real Madrid departure, was insulted by former President Uli Hones as a “greedy Piranha”.

His former advisers, Mike Bartell and Cesary Kucharsky, pushed the move to Munich and continue to say something about the star striker. After learning that Lewandowski wanted to go to FC Barcelona, ​​Bartell wrote on Twitter: “You want to go to Real Madrid for the rest of your life, and then go to FC Barcelona? OK”.

According to Nappenberger, this shows that Lewandowski surrounded himself with advisers who “took him incredibly seriously and always thought he had something to say.”

Insider criticizes the phrase “lack of appreciation”

FC Bayern are currently facing a number of criticisms for their handling of the poles. On the other hand, there is a lot of understanding of the striker’s behavior, especially from former players like Frank Ribery.

Officially, Lewandowski’s side says he expects a new challenge. However, according to the “Built” newspaper, he should not be respected by employers. In addition, his interest in Munich in Dortmund’s Earling Holland annoyed him.

“It’s complicated when every second player talks about what’s not always complimented. They make good money in Bayern, but there is always someone who does not realize the value when they want to leave. This is not very credible. “

In addition, it is quite normal for a club like FC Bayern to keep track of time after the age of 33. “These are small I-AGs and he thinks only of himself,” Nappenberger comments.

FC Bayern can only be defeated by the hiccups around Lewandowski

For a long time, FC Bayern were not a player who wanted to tear himself so badly from the club, and repeated it over and over again in public.

So Lewandowski made it clear on Monday: “A relocation is the best solution for all parties. I hope they will not stop me.

However, Bayern bosses around Khan, sports director Hassan Salihamidzik and President Herbert Heiner have made it clear that Lewandowski will fulfill his contract in Munich until June 30, 2023.

But conflicting statements from the star striker and the club put Munich in a precarious position. “Either they allow themselves to be fooled and he can intimidate himself, or they have a player they can use as a game, but they no longer want to be a person.”


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