Insane twist in the last few seconds: Fantastic comeback brings Real team to the final

Insane twist in the last few seconds: Fantastic comeback brings Real team to the final

Insane twist in the last few seconds
The fantastic comeback brings the Real team to the final

The first leg is a scene, the second leg is incredible at the end: Manchester City and Real Madrid offer a glorious Champions League semi-final. The English are like specific finalists already, and then Real Madrid manage a little miracle.

The stars of Real Madrid threw themselves on the pitch with great joy as Maestro Carlo Ancelotti wiped away tears of joy from his eyes. After last-minute madness, Real Madrid’s return The Kings have finalized their dream against Liverpool in the Premier Class. Rodrigo and Karim Benzema’s golden penalty in the last minute helped the Royals to a dramatic 3-1 (2-1, 0-0) victory over star coach Pep Cardiola in the second leg. The semi-final Champions League bitter go

This means Real are in the final for the first time since 2018, with rivals Liverpool FC and coach Jurgen Klopp in Paris on May 28. Man City, who won 4-3 in the first leg, will have to postpone their dream of winning the first trophy again.

“I fought 26 times”

“It’s amazing, we’ve been out 26 times in the knockout stage, we’ve fought back 26 times. Sometimes it’s hard for me to explain together. He added: “We know the situation of being in the finals. We have done it a few times in the past.”

Rodrigo, who came to Cruz twice (90th and 90th + 1), saved the Real team in extra time, which was no longer considered possible, with Benzema taking the penalty kick (95th). This is the 15th Premier Class goal for the French players this season. After Riyadh Mahrez’s goal (73rd) Man City thought they had already reached the final. Like 2018, there will be a fight with Liverpool. Then, due to a mistake by Loris Carius, the Madrilinians won the title 3-1 in Kiev.

After a great display of goals in the first leg, the madness continued at the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu. In the 16th round against Paris Saint-Germain and in the quarter-final against Chelsea, Benzema and Co. They changed a game they thought they had lost. City suffered the same shock as Bayern in the 2-1 draw with Man United in the 1999 final with two late goals.

The main actor at this time was called Rodrigo. High quality football was also provided. Also, it got emotionally traded on the side of Cardiola, who was a little excited, or on the pitch where Real superstar Luca Motric and City professional Aymeric Laporte got into a heated argument.

With fans behind them, the Madrilinians were under more pressure than they had been a week ago, with fast winger Vinicius Jr. causing major problems for the city’s defense. The Cardiola team was unable to raise its dominant attacking game as desired. Thus Kevin de Bruyne and Co. were occasionally dissatisfied on the field.

City had a chance to knock out

There were no big chances to score in the first 45 minutes. Man City had a great chance through Bernardo Silva, but Real keeper Thibaut Courtois (20 ‘) made a strong save. Cruz got the best chance for the hosts with a free kick just above the goal (27th).

After the break, Real shifted gears. Within seconds of the restart Vinicius Jr. had a great chance to take the lead, and shortly afterwards Modric’s shot was blocked (52 ‘). But the British were allowed to celebrate – and Ilkay Kundokan did his part. After his replacement, the midfielder launched an attack, finishing from the right position inside the Algerian international Mahras, which is worth watching.

After that, Jack Grealish should have clarified everything with two big chances. It must be avenged when Rodrigo made a sensational turn. In extra time, Benzema was fouled by Ruben Diaz, and the French converted quietly.


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