Home science Infection rate jumped by 70% in one week in Pays de la Loire

Infection rate jumped by 70% in one week in Pays de la Loire

Infection rate jumped by 70% in one week in Pays de la Loire

The fifth wave of the Covid-19 epidemic is also here at home. It is growing fastest in our area with the infection rate jumping 70% in one week in Pays de la Loire. There are currently 130 cases per 100,000 residents in the Loire Atlantic and 142 in Vendé, which means above the national average.

The epidemic accelerated earlier in our region

“We initially saw a very strong boom among retirees with the resumption of activities at the beginning of the school year, particularly tea dances and organized excursions”Pierre Blaise, scientific director of the regional health agency, explains as guest of France Bleu Loire Océan. “Perhaps with the easing of barrier gestures during their activities, which means that the epidemic has accelerated in our region a little earlier than elsewhere”.

Pollution now affects the entire population

Today, Pierre Blaise continues, pollution pollution affects the entire population. “Infections have stabilized among the pensioners and they have heard our message and responded to the screening campaigns after the detection of clusters. But at the same time, the spread of the virus has accelerated to the entire population.”. In particular, in schools: 243 Closed classroom in the region. “There, the explanation is the cold is back. We do more indoor activities. We left the bleachers to go back inside the bars and restaurants.”.

Hospitalization for severe cases is nine times higher among unvaccinated people

So remembers the Scientific Director of the Agricultural Research Association The importance of vaccination, to offer its dose as a reminder to those concerned, and to respect barrier gestures, particularly wearing a mask. Because hospitalization is also on the rise. “Today, services are under great pressure, even if we still have room to maneuver. But it is absolutely necessary to help institutions by avoiding hospitalization. Hospitalization for serious cases is nine times more important among people who have not been vaccinated.”.

Be very careful now

what do you have End of the year holiday fears ? “Like last year, we must now be very careful not to risk spoiling the party around Christmas and New Year’s time.”

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