Home science Increase in bonuses and salaries in January for midwives

Increase in bonuses and salaries in January for midwives

Increase in bonuses and salaries in January for midwives

Midwives working in the hospital from January will receive a net bonus of €100 and a salary increase of approximately €100 total per month.The Ministry of Health announced Thursday, September 16th. Olivier Veran revealed, on Thursday evening, these increases, which will be included in the social security budget for 2022, during a meeting with midwifery unions. The minister’s office told AFP that they would represent an additional spending of 40 million euros annually.

Catching up after months of packing

Three-quarters of the 23,500 midwives will benefit from it. A monthly profit equivalent to a net increase of 183 euros already given to all hospital staff end of 2020 as part of the “Ségur de la santé”. Kind of catch up with careerForgotten by the negotiated payroll reform for nurses and nursing assistants, among others. ‘The midwives may have felt neglected’The delegation accompanying the Minister acknowledges. In fact, these caregivers have taken to the streets five times since the beginning of the year to demand recognition and staffing.

However, not all of their demands were met. Their request for status “suits” Thus he was left out, prefers Olivier Veran “Establishing their medical condition in the public service of the hospital“Especially through this”great reassessment”. However, their skills will extend to new areas, such as endometriosis., The Ministry intends to facilitate the establishment of “birth houses” It is administered by midwives.

The announcements were received coldly by the National Council of the Midwives Syndicate, who believes in a press release that they are not responding To the challenges of the profession. “By not addressing in depth the causes of midwifery discomfort, the attractiveness of the profession appears to be under constant jeopardy. By ignoring the growing problems of staff in maternity hospitals, the fundamental issue of safety and quality of care for patients and newborns remains unresolved.”, argues the example. the National Council , “Who has previously alerted public authorities to the shortage of midwives and the exhaustion of these professionals, is concerned about the consequences of these announcements for the future of maternity hospitals”.

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