In Arcachon, oyster shells are recycled into cosmetics

Ecume d’Arcachon has manufactured a facial cleanser that contains fine particles of Gujan-Mestras oysters.

The use of oyster shells for feeding chickens as fertilizer for farmers or private gardens is well known. On the contrary, the use of oyster shells in homeopathy, eyeglass frames, paint or cosmetics is much less.

in Arcachon, Shop To make perfumes and cosmetics, fine particles of Gujan-Mestras shellfish are used in a detoxifying facial cleanser. As with all scrubs, oyster cuticles come in to cleanse and remove dead cells.

In addition to these very local shells, the shop offers products made from eels, “a marine aquatic plant that constitutes a regulated resource in Europe,” defines Dominique Borderer, director of Ecume d’Arcachon. Eel can only be collected from the aquarium. These plants stimulate the softness and elasticity of the skin. They will also have anti-aging power and anti-photosensitivity action. So it could replace the chemicals in sunscreens that pollute the oceans as well as octocrylene, a sun filter suspected of being a carcinogen.

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