If you drink green tea, you will lose weight!

If you drink green tea, you will lose weight!
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Green tea is the perfect way to start the morning, especially for those looking to lose weight!

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Green tea is not only healthy, but also real Fat burner. Just a cup of green tea in the morning can help you lose weight. We’ll tell you how it’s done!

Green tea has been drunk in Asia for centuries. But what are the effects of the drink?

First of all, green tea works Energizing. The effect of caffeine in green tea is different from that of coffee: it is slower, but more intense and lasting. So the ultimate refreshment is not coffee at all, but green tea!

But green tea has many benefits. For example, it contains files Tannins that soothe the digestive system Works. So if you have always been a little sensitive to coffee, you must try green tea.

Green tea leaves also contain Vitamins A, B, and B12, as well as flavonoids. It improves metabolic processes in the body and strengthens the immune system. They even reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

It is also found in green tea Antioxidant Epigallocatechingallat. Tough name, big effect, because it can block the absorption of carbohydrates, which plays into your hands when it comes to weight loss.

Therefore, green tea is definitely a very healthy drink, especially when it is drunk early in the morning. So you can even drink green tea every day with a clear conscience.

If you drink an entire pot of green tea in one go, you may experience some side effects. Similar to coffee, green tea can cause caffeine Nervousness and irritability Come on, sometimes to Arrhythmia. Green tea can also make you need to go to the bathroom more.

1-2 cups a day is harmless It is generally well tolerated (also in pregnant women).

Anyone who drinks green tea knows that it tastes bitter. This is amazing time material Make tea not only healthy but also ultimate Strengthening weight loss.

Sanitary materials Curb cravings And stimulate fat burning. In addition, there is the previously mentioned antioxidant epigallocatechin gallate, which guarantees you this Less fat and carbohydrates absorbed from food.

In addition, green tea may also stimulate thermogenesis in the body, which melts fat cells.

To the question “Does green tea help you lose weight?” To answer: Final! However, you should always pay attention to your diet at the same time. Green tea can’t work miracles if you only eat junk food.

But only those who A cup of green tea in the morning Drink, benefit from the effect when losing weight.

Preparing green tea is a bit tricky. It is not for nothing that in Asian countries there are whole tea ceremonies. There, special importance is attached to the correct temperature of tea water.

The water should not boil hot, otherwise the tea will become bitter and lose nutrients. 60 to 80 degrees Celsius is ideal. There are kettles that can be used to set different temperatures:

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If you only have an ordinary stove, then it is better to leave the water after brewing Cool for 15 minutesBefore you pour green tea.

It is also important correct brewing time. But it depends on the type of tea. Chinese green tea is allowed to steep for 90 seconds to 2 minutes in the first infusion, and Japanese green tea for 60 seconds.

By the way, loose tea should always be used instead of tea bags!


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