If there is a sudden sting in the face

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If there is a sudden sting in the face


If there is a sudden sting in the face

Klinikum Ingolstadt digital event on September 21

Facial pain that looks like lightning can have a variety of causes. A relatively common but particularly painful condition is trigeminal neuralgia. The fifth cranial nerve, which supplies the forehead, maxillary and mandibular regions, is irritated. The result is severe pain in the cheek area, usually only on one side of the face.

“In Ingolstadt, approximately five to eight patients develop trigeminal neuralgia each year,” says Professor Siamak Asgari, director of the hospital’s neurosurgery clinic. The number of unreported cases may be higher.”

For sufferers, brushing teeth, chewing and even talking becomes torment – daily life is very restricted due to the sudden onset of severe pain. These episodes of pain can occur several times a day, as the periods between individual episodes become shorter over time. There is still little knowledge about the causes of the disease, symptoms usually appear from the age of 40, and women are affected more often than men.

The quality of life of those affected is very limited. “It is very important to have an effective treatment method for these patients,” emphasizes Professor Asgari. Treatment of pain and spasticity is one of the many clinical areas of the Department of Neurosurgery. In addition to facial pain, diseases of the spine, multiple sclerosis and circulatory disorders are treated here.

In his lecture “Lightning pain in the face – what helps in the treatment of trigeminal neuralgia?” On September 21 at 5:30 pm, Professor Asgari explains in a clear manner the treatment options available and how, thanks to the so-called “Janeta Operation”, an operation on the brainstem under a surgical microscope, supported by endoscopy, long-term affected patients can be helped.

The event is free and takes place via Microsoft Teams. Registration is possible via the Klinikum Ingolstadt website: https://klinikum-ingolstadt.de/kurse/trigeminusneuralgie-gesundheit-im-fokus/

After successful registration, all participants will receive a share link a few days before the event. It is not necessary to install software for this.

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