Home Economy IBM Quantum “Eagle”: Quantum processor with 127 qubits as a harbinger of the future

IBM Quantum “Eagle”: Quantum processor with 127 qubits as a harbinger of the future

IBM Quantum “Eagle”: Quantum processor with 127 qubits as a harbinger of the future
IBM Quantum
Photo: IBM

With Quantum Eagle, IBM introduces its first quantum processor with over 100 processors Kibits And it’s already talking about more than 1,000 qubits by 2023. While the 127-qubit Eagle replaces the previous “hummingbird” with 65 qubits, the next two expansion phases are already underway for the computer Planned for tomorrow.

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No longer imitation for supercomputers

Quantum “Eagle” is the first quantum processor that can no longer be imitated by a conventional supercomputer and that, according to IBM, is an important step on the road to the day when quantum computers can vastly outperform classical computer systems, according to IBM chief Research Dario Gill.

IBM Quantum “Eagle” mit 127 Qubits (Bild: IBM)

For the first time ever, IBM is breaking the 100-qubit barrier with next year’s Eagle and Osprey, which will have 433 qubits, and Condor with 1,121 qubits for 2023, the next generation Quantum processor already in the pipeline.

IBM wants to achieve up to 1,121 qubits by 2023 (Image: IBM)

In order to reduce the error rate of more than 100 interconnected functional qubits for the first time and to install fewer components, the control wires were moved to several physical levels within the processor.

It’s IBM’s first quantum processor that a classical computer could not reliably emulate.


Prediction of the second quantum system

After the “Falcon” with up to 27 qubits, which is also used in Europe’s first quantum computer, the Fraunhofer Society’s IBM Quantum System One and the National Fraunhofer Efficiency Network, the largest “Hummingbird” with up to 65 “quantum bits” after That said, the next generation will be used in the new “IBM Quantum System Two” quantum computer. Here, too, IBM offers a bit of anticipation.

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The first Quantum Eagle will be used by selected members of IBM quantitative networks May be made available for research purposes.

Google and Intel are up and running too

But Google, which already demonstrated its first 72-qubit chip in 2018, and Intel, which not long ago caused quite a stir with its 49-qubit test chip, are also in the quantum computer race that IBM intends to tackle with its next roadmap.

IBM Quantum Development Roadmap
IBM’s Quantum Development Roadmap (Bild: IBM)

Early 2024 Scalable Quantum Processors Subsequent ‘quantum leaps’ for quantum computers with several million qubits on hand. Areas of application already include science, finance, and machine learning.

More information is provided by the administrator press release And contribute to IBM Quantum “Eagle” officially IBM Research Blog.


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