HSV – Hertha BSc High Risk Game: Police Are Ready NDR.de – Game

HSV – Hertha BSc High Risk Game: Police Are Ready NDR.de – Game

Status: 05/20/2022 5:00 pm

Hamburg Police on Monday declared the second leg between the Bundesliga football team Herta BSc and the second division team HSV as the most dangerous game. Authorities in other central states must also ensure security.

“We have a crowd of Berlin fans and their relationship with the people of Hamburg will be considered ‘hostile’,” Holger Wehren, a police spokesman, told NDR 90.3 on Friday. About 5,700 guest supporters are expected, including 500 so-called “Category C fans”.

Hamburg police officers on duty.  © Witters

Audio: HSV – Hertha BSc: Violent fans are expected from Berlin (1 min)

Target severe fan separation

Vehren described the upcoming work as one of the biggest in recent years. In addition to the Hamburg police officers, one hundred people from Berlin and others from other federal states were requested.

“We expect everyone who comes here to behave properly. But if they do not, we will help.”
Interior and Sports Senator Andy Grodt of Hamburg

Its purpose is to strictly separate the fan camps to prevent any conflict. Liquor supply is prohibited in Vauxhall. The Hamburg police have been in touch with their Berlin counterparts to adjust the procedure after the experiences of the first period on Thursday. “Of course we hope the dispute will only be on the field. In fact there is enough excitement and action there,” said Andy Grott (SPD), Hamburg’s interior and sports senator.

Celebrate the boom in front of the townhall?

It remains to be seen whether HSV will celebrate with fans on Rathausmarkt if they are promoted to the Bundesliga. “Now we’re all looking forward to the game. If we get promoted – we all hope – we’ll find a good place to celebrate,” Crowe said. But he is sure it will pay off.

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Exodus between HSV and Herta BSc © Imeko Photo: Matthias Koch, Michael Schwartz, R. Seattle Imagery, Lacy Pereni

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