Home entertainment How does a princess now outsmart her husband, Oliver Bucher?

How does a princess now outsmart her husband, Oliver Bucher?

How does a princess now outsmart her husband, Oliver Bucher?

“The Super Twins” is the name of a new format on Vox. This is presented by Amira Boucher. She is very different from her husband from Haudrauf Oliver Bucher.

Many broadcasters are rolling up their sleeves and want change. ProSieben wants to become more political, while RTL wants to attract more families. Vox is also part of the RTL family. Unlike its older brother, the radio has long advocated harmony rather than “Haha-money!”. Instead of laughing at the heroes and judging them, there’s blissful TV here. Do you want an example? “Perfect Dinner”, “Queen of Shopping”, “Between Tulle and Tears”, “Farewell Germany” and and and.

Here people rarely point fingers at others or make fun of them, but rather sympathize with them. Vox’s Feel Good Friday has now joined this philosophy. Part of it is the new show with Princess Boucher. You’ve known her for several years as Oliver Bucher’s wife and you know him, you know, actually the exact opposite of Feel Good.

Amira Boucher and her husband, Oliver Boucher: The two have been married since 2019. (Source: IMAGO / Future Image)Amira Boucher and her husband, Oliver Boucher: The two have been married since 2019. (Source: IMAGO / Future Image)

Oliver Boucher intervenes, and Princess Boucher sympathizes

The comedian usually looks for victims who are already on the ground and then kicks them again. When half of Germany’s population is upset with Michael Wendler and his wife, who is 28 years his junior, Bucher delivers Very dirty jokes. If Boris Becker falls victim to the bankruptcy vulture, Bucher is already there and Buy prizes. Some may find it funny, others may not. This is why the one meter man is 70 meters tall. His wife does not do that.

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In a sense, she’s his opposite pole, and it’s not uncommon for her to take on the role of more understanding and yes, a little cooler. Amira Pocher now also presents herself in the new Vox format “The Super Twins”. What at first glance looks like a jumble of “Super Nanny” and is very strange, is one thing above all upon closer inspection: a feel-good coordination. The facilitator conducts discussions with her candidates on an equal footing, does not seem unnecessarily artificial, does not read any saved cards, but frantically real with what is happening.

Who are the “Super Twins”

The nominees are not completely stupid either, but they are actually stylish and interesting heroes. “I’ve always asked myself: How should it be when there are two of you?” asks Amira Boucher at the beginning of the show. As a viewer, in some scenes you ask yourself if you used one Doppelkorn or the other too much for you to realize: Oh yeah, super twins.

"SUPERSWILLING": Ilona and Susanna are like one egg to another.  (Source: RTL / Frank Beer)Super Twin: Ilona and Susanna look like one egg to another. (Source: RTL / Frank Beer)

On the show, siblings’ pairs have to prove their double power in a special way. In the end, the strongest couple returns home not only with a super title, but also with 50,000 euros. Sisters Ilona and Susanna are especially cute. The 24-year-olds did not sleep separately from each other. No, not even for hours with a potential partner, because: “We don’t date,” the two assure, so they’ve never had a boyfriend.

Shared toilet visits

The other twin wants to know how long they have been separated from each other, they are close, but not very close. “60 minutes,” Susanna and Ilona confirmed roughly in chorus, then both said, “Oh no, that’s not right: 90 minutes.” Since the two always eat and drink exactly the same amount, the food is weighed, they always have to go to the toilet at the same time. At night they even have calf cramps at the same time.

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It’s a crazy world that we are allowed to dive into. All of the show’s twins are happy with their double lives, which for once in this context isn’t meant to be negative. “Everyone should have a twin in some way, because it’s really cool,” confirms another couple and we’re actually excited in front of the TV, and we can be happy for the heroes instead of making fun of them and maybe secretly yearn for our own version of ourselves, just to relax and go to the toilet – lonliness.


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