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Aedes albopictus. Native to the tropical forests of Southeast Asia, it is colonized by the tiger mosquito 67 out of 96 urban districtsAccording to the latest map from the Ministry of Health as of January 1, 2022.

Known for its ability to transmit viruses such as chikungunyaOr dengue or ZikaThis species is under surveillance by the health authorities. But how to distinguish it from the “ordinary” mosquito? In contrast to the common mosquito (Colex), the tiger is diurnal, and bites more during the day, especially in the morning and evening, according to the National Health Security Agency (Anses).

As for the noise, Aedes albopictus he is calm Unlike the “normal” mosquito, which is known for its annoying sting. Small in size, a tiger measures a mosquito less than 0.5 cm and sports black and white stripes. Bigger, fatter mosquitoes Colex It ranges from 4 to 10 mm. At the end of 2021, an infestation of the tiger mosquito was observed 3934 municipalities in metropolitan FranceAccording to the Ministry of Health.

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