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By 2050, one in four people will be 65 and over. Life expectancy has increased, but not the time one spends in good health. How do doctors want to slow down the aging process?

By 2050, every fourth person in this country will be 65 years of age or older. Life expectancy has increased, but not time spent in good health and proper bodily functions. Doctors want to slow down the aging process.

“We need new preventive concepts focused on protecting against weakness and preserving physical function,” said Professor Heike Bischoff Ferrari, Director of the University Clinic of Geriatrics at the University Hospital Zurich and the Zurich City Hospital.

Insufficient medical examinations and vaccinations

She will report on her research in the field of gerontology at the Congress of Gerontology and Gerontology in Frankfurt am Main. “Today’s medicine focuses on treating obvious diseases,” the researcher said in a press release. “Prevention efforts are largely limited to testing and vaccinations. This approach is no longer sustainable in an aging society.”

Geroscience aims to accurately measure and treat the aging process in order to simultaneously reduce multiple diseases and the risk of impairment. The hallmarks of aging identified in this way provide new biomarkers that make the success of preventive concepts measurable within a few months.

Omega-3, Vitamin D and exercise tested

As part of the DO-HEALTH study, 2,157 healthy adults aged 70 and over were examined over the past 10 years. They come from Switzerland, Germany, France, Austria and Portugal. Three prevention strategies were tested on them: Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D, and exercise.

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Prior to this, the phenotypes of all participants were recorded, including key lifestyle factors such as diet and physical activity. Data on healthcare utilization and quality of life were also collected. Relevant factors as tools for effective prevention also include SleepsMental health and social interaction.

How do doctors want to slow down the aging process

This is how doctors want to slow down the aging process: treat it directly and thus prevent functional losses and age-related diseases at an early stage before irreversible structural changes occur. “It is also exciting that the same preventative measures also prevent dementia, the risk of cancer and falls,” stresses Bischoff-Ferrari.


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