No suggestion has been ruled out, but some will be trialled. Traveling to the Pontoise Hospital Center in Val d’Oise, Prime Minister Elisabeth Bourne announced on Friday, 1 July that “all proposals” for the “urgent mission” on emergencies would be retained, a key advisory made at the end of May by the state president.

Thus the Chief Executive decided to endorse the 41 recommendations made by François Brown, President of the Association of Samu-Urgences de France, commissioned by Emmanuel Macron. The “short-term” gesture is spread over “three axes”: orientation of patients, mobilization of professionals and liberal retirees and the use of “additional bonuses”.

Compensation bonus for night work

Not everything is set in stone. If the minister supports an “additional bonus” for night work, with “doubling increases for nursing staff” and a 50% increase for physicians’ guards, the device will first be “tried for three months” before sustainability is possible.

limited offer. 2 months for 1 euro without commitment

Financial incentive for liberal doctors

Elizabeth Bourne added that liberal doctors would be entitled to “a €15 increase for consultations if they welcome someone who is not part of their patient base”, in order to “encourage them to take people into unscheduled care”.

Facilitating the return of retired doctors

Hoping to “mobilize all health professionals” to ease the emergency, the prime minister also promised to “facilitate the process for retired doctors so that they can re-mobilize”. The expedited mission should also allow “medical care homes to be allowed to open on Saturday morning” or even allow new work for pharmacists, physiotherapists and other caregivers, “for example renewing a prescription for chronic care.”

Call 15, instead of going straight to the emergency room

She also called on residents to call Samu as a first resort: “What we want is for everyone to be able to take a reaction 15 and not come systematically to the emergency room,” she declared, ruling that “it is impossible for the hospital to be able to meet all of the needs of Health care for the French people.

However, generalized emergency liquidation by SAMO is not explicitly mentioned. The measure is nonetheless among the main proposals of the “quick mission” led by Dr Francois Brown, president of the Samu-Urgences de France, who presented his 41 recommendations to Matignon on Thursday.

FHF calls for budget extension

With the aim of alleviating the stress of hospital staff after two years of the health crisis, these measures should allow caregivers who want to take a break during the summer, while the hospital system remains extremely stressful, particularly due to the seventh wave of Covid-19.

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Will these measures be sufficient? The French Hospital Federation indicated, on Friday morning, that it needs to extend the budget by 2 billion euros this year to offset inflation and the rise in the index point for civil servants, and still hopes to get another 4 to 5 billion in 2023. .


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