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Hopeful treatment for advanced prostate cancer

Hopeful treatment for advanced prostate cancer


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Health: A hopeful cure for advanced prostate cancer
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It is a scientific achievement that cares for prostate cancer patients. A new protocol provides more than two and a half years of life expectancy for the most severe cases.

Prostate cancer is the first cancer to affect men‘, explains journalist and Dr. Damien Maskert, present on 19/20, Monday 20 September.There have been more than 50,000 new cases of prostate cancer and, unfortunately, more than 8,000 deaths. Often, the diagnosis is made when the patient is already in an advanced stage. 10% of patients already have metastases by this time, which means 5,000 patients per year. “

But these patients are worried about a new protocol. For those, we first gave what’s called hormone therapy.classic“To which we have added chemotherapy.”In this new European protocol (…), we realized that we have a double benefit for these patients, first of all slowing disease progression and lowering mortality.Damien Maskert explains: A new protocol includes the new generation of hormone therapy, which will therefore care for 5,000 people each year.

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