Holidays in Croatia: Flames in a popular tourist destination

Holidays in Croatia: Flames at popular tourist spot – people evacuated by boats

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Here’s how to protect your dog from the summer heat

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In Germany, it will be over 40 degrees in the coming days. The disastrous effects of such a heat wave can be seen in it Croatia.

Forest fires have been raging in many places for weeks. One’s favorite travel destination Holidays in Croatia Especially hard hit. People were evacuated by boats.

A holiday in Croatia turns into a flaming inferno

Temperatures above 40 degrees and dryness are not a good combination. Forest fires have been raging in Italy, Spain and France for weeks. Also in Croatia, in two villages near the Dalmatian town of Šibenik, firefighters battled blazes meters high.

Residents of Zaton and Raslina were taken to safety by boats across Stupalj Bay on Wednesday as fires raged in villages along the Krka Riviera area, popular with holidaymakers.

Holidays in Croatia: Dramatic scenes – Firefighters battle blaze

According to the correspondent of the local news website “”, many houses were burnt down. People panicked and ran across the area. Thick smoke surrounded the place. Clouds of smoke can be seen even a few kilometers away in Sibenik.

According to the portal, more than 100 firefighters were deployed along with 42 fire engines. The Civil Defense Department said that the situation has never been worse in the past ten years.


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And maybe it isn’t. Forest and bush fires are a big problem in Croatia in summer. (DPA with CG)


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