Home Top News Hertha’s victory over Fürth: After 87 seconds in the match, Hertha’s Neuer turned things around

Hertha’s victory over Fürth: After 87 seconds in the match, Hertha’s Neuer turned things around

Hertha’s victory over Fürth: After 87 seconds in the match, Hertha’s Neuer turned things around
Hertha Berlin against Forth

Just 87 seconds into the match, Herthas Neuer was responsible for the transformation

Hertha Pal Dardai coach proved to be out of luck against SpVgg Greuther Fürth when defeat threatens. The benches decide the Berlin match – the second win in a row.

sAl-Dardaei put on his best smile, especially match winner Jürgen Eckelenkamp. “He’s an excellent footballer,” Hertha’s coach at Dazen said, referring to his previous statement that Hertha “will still be a lot of fun” with the Dutchman. On his debut on Friday night, newcomer Hertha gave Hertha their much-anticipated second straight win with a 2-1 (0-0) win over SpVgg Greuther Fürth.

“We played a good game in the second half, the will was there and we deserved to win,” Darday said. 87 seconds after being substituted, 21-year-old Ecklenkamp, ​​coming from Ajax Amsterdam, equalized (61st minute).

Before that, at the beginning of the fifth day of the Bundesliga match, Branimir Harjuta (57) put the guests ahead with a penalty kick. Later, Dutchman Eklenkamp played a key role in achieving the winning goal when he pressed Fürth Maximilian Power after Marco Richter, who was also a substitute, and the latter maneuvered the ball into his own net (79). “It feels great,” said Eckelenkamp, ​​acknowledging that she was unhappy with the place on the bench.

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In the second half, Hertha played better, more determined and aggressive in front of 21,372 spectators – and got all three points thanks to a change of coach Darday. Forth is still waiting for his first league win of the season, and remains at the bottom of the table with just one point. “It’s very bitter because my team has invested a lot and is losing with little goals,” guest coach Stephen Little said. Herta’s growing move to ninth place by six points.

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A stubborn fight in the midfield

Sporting director Arne Friedrich wanted to see “more football” from Hertha after the team took their first win (3:1) at VfL Bochum, especially with a lot of fighting and a compact defense. But the floodlights of the Olympic stadium showed early on that there would be no “miracle kick,” as Darday predicted. One-to-one was the trump card, and it wasn’t playful brilliance.

Diovizio Zivwick (left) and Jeremy Dudziak

Nothing’s Free: Diovizio Zivwick (left) and Jeremy Dudziak

Coyle: Getty Images / Thomas Eisenhuth

Former Schalke SWAT Serdar, who scored two of Berlin’s only five goals in his first four matches, put the hosts first signal. After a beautiful individual performance, his shot from 16 meters missed the far post. But the guests were by no means limited to constantly defending themselves, as coach Stephen Little demanded. Again and again they moved to half of Berlin. Jeremy Dodziak, who was called into the starting line-up for the first time, has been in good shape. But Forth could not develop a goal risk at first.

After 25 minutes, Dardai, who had already changed his start to five positions, had to switch to defense. As in Bochum, 17-year-old Linus Geister moved to the headquarters of Belgian defense chief Dedric Boyata, who was injured in the thigh.

with tie head

Fast players rarely get their chance. When Diovizio Zivwijk crossed the ball, Serdar and Meziane Molida slid off the ball. The newcomer from Nice was allowed to start for the first time and pointed out his skills several times, especially in dribbling. But in the 68th minute, Molida had to leave the field due to an injury to his left thigh, and Marco Richter entered his place.

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After the break, both teams gave up their hesitation to score the goal. Only Hargotta converted a penalty after Zivwijk hit Dudziak’s nimble foot into the penalty area. Ecklenkamp, ​​the new signing for Hertha, then went back 87 seconds after being substituted. The Dutchman headed a corner kick from defender Marton Darday to draw 1-1.

Hertha Berlin - SpVgg Greuther Fürth

The turning point: Hertha striker Jürgen Ekellenkamp (centre) celebrates the draw

Source: dpa-infocom GmbH

Eckelenkamp also played a key role in the second goal. After a cross from the substitute referee, Bauer wanted to clear the matter in front of Ecklenkamp and unfortunately the ball got to his leg, and from there it rolled into his own goal.

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