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HSV opens the gateway to Bundesliga. Second Division could win the first leg of their third leg at Herta PSC 1-0 and secure the promotion in Hamburg on Monday evening.

Van Hono Bode

If coach Tim Walter’s team once again demonstrates such concentrated and defensive consistency in front of their home crowd, as they did in Berlin on Thursday evening, the chances of a return to Germany’s top ground will be much better. HSV was the best team with the most mature playing system against Hertha, they were disappointing in terms of football. Ludovic Reyes’ goal in the 57th minute ensured that the North Germans had a great starting position in the second leg on Monday (8.30pm at the live center in NDR.de).

“We’re enjoying the whole thing because we deserve it. That’s a good thing, we’re going to take the joy with us. We’re the youngest team in the second division. Living here like this deserves all the respect.” Said Walter. Captain Sebastian Schonlov is not worried about the tension in Hamburg. “We will approach Monday’s game as if the first game did not happen.” The head of security announced.

The Olympic Stadium may have 15,000 HSV fans

“Back to Old Glory with Fury and Struggle” was written on two large banners that were rolled just before the kick-off outside the Olympic Stadium. Of the 75,500 spectators at the Olympic Stadium, at least 15,000 HSV fans were not disappointed by their team’s commitment. In every fight, the desire to lay the foundation for promotion in the Spree was clear. Hertha fought against it, so the supporters saw a very serious but very difficult argument.

Hamburger SV © Captain Sebastian Schonlov from IMAGO / Revierfoto

Audio: HSV Captain Schonlov: “This is a dream come true” (2 min)

Referee HSV penalty and Hertha denied a goal

As for football, both teams owed a lot before the break, although the Hamburg team still had one or two ideas. But Walter-Elf did not play well in their attacks and some of them delivered well until the 32nd minute.

Then Robert Gladsel was put in a good shooting position but failed due to keeper Oliver Christensen. Referee Harm Osmers (Hanover) saw the scene in the video as Berlin’s Peter Beckerick deflected Caldsel’s shot with his hand. There, not only did the referee see Beckerick’s “offense”, but HSV midfielder Maximilian Rohr jumped the ball in front of the scene. Referee’s correct decision: Free kick to the home side.

Osmers was the center of attention shortly before the break – this time on the other hand. After former Bremen player Ishaq Belford sent the ball into the net, the referee received a note from one of his assistants that he was already on the Algerian offside celebrating too lonely. Osmars took the Linesman’s view and denied the goal (44 ‘).

Won by Random Goal

Halfway through, the Berliners, previously disappointed, released their handbrake and acted a little more aggressively, thus giving HSV more space when they won the ball now. Anyway, the game that was too long in the first half was now too respectable. It probably matched a dream goal that should never have been together. Because it is questionable whether Reese wanted to get the ball directly into the housing from the left half-field in the 57th minute. Anyway, “Shooting Cross” fell on Christensen in the inner post and jumped into the net from there.

“It doesn’t matter how the ball goes in. I shot it, it was inside,” Reese said with a laugh: “It’s luck.”

Magad: “Opportunities have gotten worse”

Came after the goal from Hertha: too low. Coach’s expression Felix Magath grew increasingly dark. One thing is that due to some failures the HSV Club Legend could not be fixed as desired. The other is the bloodless performance that self-proclaimed the “Big City Club”. Fear of dismissal seemed to paralyze the Berliners, while optimism emerged that the opponent would get a promotion from Hamburg.

“Opportunities have gotten worse because of 0: 1,” Mahat said. “However, it’s still open. HSV has better cards. However, it’s not so clear that we’re going to Hamburg without a chance. I still hope it can be reversed.”

1st Match Day, 19.05.2022 8:30 pm

Hertha B.Sc.


Hamburger SV



Hertha BSc:
Christensen – Beckerick, Poyota, Kemp, Plattenhart – Cerdar (70th Marco Richter), n. Stark (70th Hector), Duchard, Mittelstadt – Belfort (80th Myolita), Wolsklager (46th Zovedic)

Hamburger SV:
Heuer Fernandez – Haier, Vuskovic, Schonlov, Muhaim – Reyes, Mayford, Roar (58th Wagnerman) – Jatta (73rd M. Kaufman), Glatzell, Kittel (90th + 1 camera)

75500 (sold out)

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Exodus between HSV and Herta BSc © Imeko Photo: Matthias Koch, Michael Schwartz, R. Seattle Imagery, Lacy Pereni

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HSV players celebrate winning the title with the 1982 Championship Trophy.  © imago / Sven Simon

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