Here's what starting coach Jose Mourinho said about Norway's bitter embarrassment

It was perhaps one of the most bitter bankruptcies that Jose Mourinho has had to accept in his illustrious coaching career: his side lost in Rome 6-1 against outside player Bodo/Glimt. Then the coach took the blame.

After the biggest embarrassment of his career, coach Jose Mourinho took the blame for it 1:6 Roma defeat by Norway champion FK Bodö / Glimt in the conference league.

“I decided to play with this squad, so the responsibility is on me,” Mourinho said after the match on the Sky Sports microphone. “I did it in good faith to give those who work hard a chance and rotate the team on artificial turf in cold weather.”

“He lost against a team that showed more quality”

But it went wrong. The northern Arctic Circle team scored four goals after the break against fourth place in Serie A, and Mourinho has not conceded six goals with one of his teams in more than 1,000 competitive matches.

“We lost against a team that showed more quality that evening,” Mourinho said. “It’s that simple.” The most prominent players of the host team were Ola Solbakken and Eric Bothem, each of whom scored two goals.

A little consolation for Mourinho: in Group C he is still second behind Bodou with Roma and still has a good chance of reaching the knockout stage.

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