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At this sight, Santa will surely return safely.

Who does not know that? During the holidays, you usually drink and eat more than you want to – then you end up on the couch! I just got back to bed. Apparently, model Heidi Klum’s mom (48) wants that too after Christmas.

“Let’s go back to bed” (Engineer: Let’s go back to bed) She writes about a festive “snapshots” series that she shares on Instagram. But instead of digesting the good things of the past few days in a loose-fitting, stretchy jogger shirt, Heidi opts for her favorite outfit: an Eva costume.

Just like God made her, she sneaks through her Los Angeles mansion. She wears only a red Santa hat and intermittently covers herself with a white blanket as she ascends her gigantic ladder.

Who should slip with her? Of course, husband Tom (32).

Heidi’s Kiss: With this bombshell woman, Tom definitely wants to jump straight into bedPhoto: heidiklum / Instagram

By the way: Heidi didn’t just celebrate Christmas morning with him. With them, of course: their children and brother Tom Bell. All in coordinating pajamas and Christmas hats.

Christmas party at Klum Kaulitz's house: Heidi celebrates with Tom, Bill and their kids

Christmas morning at the Klum-Kaulitz house: Heidi celebrates with Tom, Bill and their kidsPhoto: @heidiklum / Instagram

After all the hustle and bustle, gifts and stress, now is the time to unwind in Klum’s house.

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