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Health: Study: Even a short vacation can be relaxing


It doesn’t always have to be three weeks. A weekend trip can also be relaxing. This is what Carmen Benyoys, professor of industrial psychology, says. Know how to get rid of stress in a short time.

According to stress researchers, how relaxed a vacation is does not depend on the length of the break. “Even short vacations and weekend trips bring relaxation,” said Carmen Bennevis, professor of industrial psychology at the University of Muenster in the newspaper “Welt am Sonntag”. Studies have shown that the way you live your vacation is more important to a good recovery than the length of time the vacation lasts.

Movement is also part of it

Negative relaxation can be a key component of downtime, especially after the stressful stages of working life. At the same time, studies have shown that it is important to combine a nap with relaxation with sport and cultural activities. With such an active recovery, one can breathe, overcome challenges and thus come back stronger

Basically: “The further away from your destination and the more exotic the destination, the easier it is likely to close it” – even if relaxation at a distant travel destination is limited by additional stresses such as unfamiliar food, language problems, or a long journey. “The pressure of time on vacation is bad, too. You don’t have to be everywhere and do pool workouts in the morning.”

IM out

Turn off your mobile phone and leave emails unread – Here are additional advice from a stress management expert: “It’s important that nothing reminds you of work and that work doesn’t creep into your vacation.”

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For the holiday’s effect to last for a long time, employees must organize it before leaving so that there are no piles of work waiting for them to return. “The higher the workload after the leave, the faster the recovery,” Binnewies said. Studies have shown that vacation relaxation disappears after three weeks on average, and for many people even after a week. “You’re going to feel just as nervous as before,” Binnewies said. (Dpa)


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