Home Tech Hasbro Optimus Prime is an advanced programmable robot

Hasbro Optimus Prime is an advanced programmable robot

Hasbro Optimus Prime is an advanced programmable robot

Game maker Hasbro brings the legendary Optimus Prime to life with robo technology, but even Decepticons are shrinking in terms of price.

Anyone who spent their 1980s childhood knows this face: Optimus Prime, the leader of the Autobots, the “good” transformers who can transform themselves from all sorts of vehicles into robots and have a lot of trouble fighting the world in the fight for their main energy source, Energon defends the bad Decepticons. . Very important: we are, of course, talking about the first generation of Transformers (G1), in which the Optimus Prime was separated from the Freightliner FL86 tractor. Later, the Autobot head mutated into a long-nosed car.

Robo support from China

The right characters, of course, were already available in the 1980s, but when it came to transformation, handiwork was still the order of the day. If you want to transform Optimus Prime and the rest of the group into a robot, you have to stumble hard between the arms, legs and weapons puzzle. No real problem, but a little slower than the speed of each epic battle in the kids room back home. Of course, something like that doesn’t have to be in 2021, as they thought in Hasbro and took the test at Robosen Robotics in China. They have been selling impressive gaming robots that can transform into all kinds of vehicles for quite some time. Electrically, at the push of a button. Optionally even via the app, which can also be used to program full action sequences.

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Optimus Prime G1 robot

Hasbro / Robozin robots

Interactive Optimus can be controlled by voice or app (iOS and Android).

“O Optimus!”

It feels like a really big movie, and to be honest, it is. Especially because Optimus Prime is now in action. With the help of 27 servo motors, it is transformed from a Freightliner into a robot whose height is about 50 cm. In total, Robosen-Optimus consists of more than 5,000 components and has a lot more to offer than just a transformation game: The Robosen-Robot drives, runs, shoots and speaks and can perform preset moves. They start by pressing a button or with a voice command (“Hey Optimus”). The robot voice comes from Peter Cullen, who is also introducing his voice to Optimus Prime in the cinema. Additional motion sequences can be downloaded via an over-the-air update or programmed using the appropriate smartphone app.

Galaxy price

Transformers Optimus Prime ‘Advanced Automated Programmable Robot – Collector’s Edition’ breaks all gaming limits in terms of price. They cost $ 699 and can, in theory at least, be pre-ordered on the manufacturer’s website. Why theoretically? Because at least the “Collector’s Edition” has already been sold out.

The survey

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As a kid in the 1980s and a lover of Transformers, I genuinely had the pleasure of selling the Optimus Prime robot from the start. You really should have something like this. 27 Servo Batteries, 60 Precision Chips, Voice Control, Cross-App Programming – If you weren’t weak, you probably didn’t grow up in the 1980s.


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